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After all the lovely summer weddings, wedding planning season is kicking off again! Lots of enquiries coming in for 2016 and 2017 weddings which is super exciting! Here are some of our favourite, inspirational links from around the internet:

[icon_list] [item icon=”heart”]How to make a beautiful bridal flower crown[/item] [gap height=”10″] [item icon=”heart”]The amazing moment when a bride’s father grabs her step dad to help walk her down the aisle[/item] [gap height=”10″] [item icon=”heart”]Absolutely beautiful DIY floral macarons[/item] [gap height=”10″] [item icon=”heart”]As a fan of anything sparkly, how cute are these glitter ice cubes?![/item] [gap height=”10″] [item icon=”heart”]How to make super pretty chalky pastel jam jars[/item] [gap height=”10″] [item icon=”heart”]Three mistakes almost everyone makes when picking bridesmaid dresses[/item]

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